2017 Wedding Decor Trends

Happy New Year! We hope you all had a lovely 2016 and are ready to rock 2017. We sure are. 
As we wrapped up 2016 we noticed a lot of trends that overflowed in 2017 and we love that they did. So, lets run through all 2017wedding decor trends that you will be seeing more of as we dive into this year. 
1. Greenery
We love working with green centerpieces or arches etc. it a great twist to the classic floral pieces. Greens are working their way in to 2017 and we are so excited. 

2. Barn
Now barn weddings never go out to style and we are glad they are here to stay this year. Stay tuned for our barn weddings this year, we have plenty coming your way. 

3. Vintage
We all need something old on our BIG day. So, why not incorporate it in our wedding decor as well? We say, "YES!" Use Vintage accents in your centerpieces or cake table; you can be very creative with this one. Have one those grandmas' old tea set's lying around? Toss the lid and decorate it with fresh spring blooms and you are all set. Simple and chic.

4. Watercolor
As we love the season of Spring, watercolors make a great invitation, bridal bouquets, and more. If you can't pick a color for your wedding, this one is for you. Use watercolors to be playful with your color palette and you cant go wrong. 

5. Neutrals
Now you may think Neutrals is playing it safe, but it sure does make a stunning lifelong decor. You can look back 20 years from now and neutrals will never go out of style. Its perfect for a classic wedding decor. 

6. Boho
Are you the care-free/adventurous bride? Well then, this style is just for you. Blend your style into your wedding decor, use colors, hammocks, lanterns and ground seating for this very comfortable and welcoming scene. 

7. Forest
Calling our nature-lovers! Looking for an outdoors, whimsical wedding, look no further. Check out your neighborhood park for a wedding area that's idea for a minimal outdoor wedding. Use nature as our backdrop and the greens to complete your tablescape. 

8. Fairytale
Do you believe in happily ever after? So do we! This is your year to make your dream wedding come true. Don't hold back, this year go all out with your fairytale dream wedding. Currently trending. 

9. Tropical
This makes a perfect destination wedding, you don’t even have to try hard. Use your view to make your dream wedding come to life. 

10. Metallic
Last but not the least. This one is quickly becoming our favorite trend of 2017. We love sparkle and what better way to tone it down than metallic. This is a great way to incorporate sparkle in your decor but with subtleness. 
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